Start Mining Bitcoin for as Little as $100 USD!

• 1250 Miners
• $100 Buys 5% of a Miner
• Payouts Start When We Purchase the Miners​

Buyers: 25,000

Purchase Price: $2,500,000

Number of Miners: 1250

Monthly Bitcoin Return: $170,250 ($4.54 per day *30 days * 1250 machines = $170,250; each unit makes $6.81 a month)

Length of time to recover investment: 21 months based on current BTC price (please note: if BTC goes up then the time to recover decreases.

As the price of Bitcoin goes up, the ROI will go up and the length of time to recover investment will go down


Due to the current market condition, the time is perfect for us to pool our resources together to buy machines on the cheap and to start mining.

Each machine cost $2000 which includes set up cost. Please note, normally these same miners cost $6,000 several months ago when Bitcoin was $40,000 or higher.

To make mining affordable and accessible, we fractionalize the cost of each machine into 20 pieces so we can have 20 buyers paying $100 each for a machine and start mining together. For 1,250 machines, we would have 25,000 buyers since each machine is split into 20 pieces. Each buyer can buy 1 piece or multiple pieces based on their budget and risk appetite.

Similarly, we fractionalize the Bitcoin rewards each month for the 1250 machines into 25,000 units so each purchaser would get 1/25,000 of the Bitcoin reward ($170,250). Based on current price of Bitcoin, we will be able to mine approximately $170,250 each month from the 1250 machines.

To make this work, we need to get 7600 buyers so we can purchase 380 machines and start mining.